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Stephen Pierce International is an Internet marketing firm focused on increasing brand value for businesses and individuals and on creating wealth for its clients, who range from CEOs to everyday folks. Founded by Stephen Pierce in 2000, the firm has grown to help thousands worldwide realize their dreams by unlocking their potential. Stephen Pierce International accomplishes this by providing wealth-creation seminars, web-based business opportunities, and self-help materials to clients.

Stephen Pierce International offers a three-day program entitled the Infinite Internet Income Workshop. This transformative seminar instructs attendees on how to set up and run their own network of money-generating websites. One does not need to be a computer whiz to follow the steps provided by Stephen Pierce International in these seminars. The power to make money using Stephen Pierce International’s system rests on the clients’ ability to follow through and determine their own level of financial freedom. Additional workshops and engagements include appearances by Stephen Pierce in the Get Motivated Seminar, where he shares the stage with Zig Ziglar, Rudy Giuliani, Bill Clinton, and others. Visit www.stephenpierceinc.com for more information.

The program Make Real Money on the Internet (MRMI) is a combination of videos and workbooks that Stephen Pierce International offers. Designed to capture the essence of the more expensive live seminars, the MRMI program is a “training camp” for small-business owners and entrepreneurs. By immersing themselves in the MRMI program, clients turn action and determination into real incomes, without the disadvantages of having a typical job. Visit www.mrmibasictraining.com for more information.

Mind Power University (MPU) is Stephen Pierce International’s course on personal change and empowerment. A combination of audio, video, and reading material, MPU addresses the single biggest obstacle to success, the mind. Stephen Pierce says, “Your self-esteem is your most important resource in business.” Mr. Pierce and Stephen Pierce International know that no matter how solid their advice and how tested their methods, clients have to believe in themselves or there will be no success. MPU teaches clients how to unlock their potential and utilize that burst of motivation. Visit www.mindpoweru.com for more information.

Stephen Pierce International

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